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Winter Log Cabin and Deer Greeting Card - "Cozy Cabin"

Winter Log Cabin and Deer Greeting Card - "Cozy Cabin"

By Artist

Jeanne Warren

Artists' Description

This is a classic log cabin that I photographed. It was neglected and missing its people, so I brought it back to life, stoked the fire, and planted some deer in the front yard. Notice the little white snow bunny tucked in a bush!

Did You Know?

Log cabins have deep roots in American history! They have even been home to several presidents including Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson. Many have been built since the early 1600s and some are still being built today.

$ 3.95 USD
$ 3.95 USD
This fine art wildlife greeting card features a small log cabin, surrounded with snow, warmed by fire and windows aglow, seated on the bank of a vivid blue river. An array of forest colors and pink sunset clouds fill the painting. A buck and doe stand in the foreground, the doe with raised head and alert ears.
  • Materials
    Heavy stock eco-friendly paper, Coconut Fiber Envelope
  • Delivery Information
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Made in
    Oregon, USA

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