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Baby Colt Appleloosa Horse Greeting Card - "Apple Lusa"

Baby Colt Appleloosa Horse Greeting Card - "Apple Lusa"

Baby Colt Appleloosa Horse Greeting Card - "Apple Lusa"

By Artist

Jeanne Warren

Artists' Description

Nothing like a brand new baby colt! This little guy is nicknamed after Apples and Appaloosa - an American horse breed known for its colorful coat. I love to hide things - notice the caterpillar.

Did You Know?

Appaloosas are a highly versatile breed, found in horse racing, working cattle, performance, and of course as great family friends.

$ 3.95 USD
$ 3.95 USD
This fine art wildlife greeting card features a lone Appaloosa spotted baby colt laying in the grass near an apple tree under a beautiful blue-green sky. There is a caterpillar crawling along a leaf. Apples and a single daisy are on the ground. The colt is alert and watching off in the distance.
  • Materials
    Heavy stock eco-friendly paper, Coconut Fiber Envelope
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    Dear customer, please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be additional delays as we seek to manufacture and ship your canvas prints as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for updates from us in your e-mail inbox, and as always, feel free to drop us a line anytime! Thanks for your patience!

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  • Dimensions
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    Oregon, USA

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