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Kestrel Bird of Prey Greeting Card - "Kestrel"


This fine art wildlife greeting card features a kestrel bird of prey, perched on a maple branch with a rich blue background. Image by Jeanne Warren - National Award Winning Oregon wildlife artist.

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Fine Art Greeting Card Details

Front Side

Image Description

This fine art wildlife greeting card features a male American kestrel sitting perched on the branch of a maple tree. Deep, rich shades of the blue background and glowing autumn leaves contrast beautifully with the kestrel colors. A caterpillar crawls along one of the orange leaves.

Back Side

Artists' Description

Lookout in the fields and you might see this colorful bird hovering like a hummer, and stalking small rodents, like mice. This male American kestrel has gorgeous feather colors that go so well with autumn leaves. Notice the caterpillar.

Did you know?

The American kestrel (falco tinnunculus) population is directly affected by the number of voles, which are a huge part of their diet. They are also the most common and smallest falcon bird in all of North America. And they have amazing eyesight that allows them to hunt right up until dusk.


Blank Inside, so you can personalize to your heart's content!

What's Included

Includes greeting card and seal-able paper envelope.

Product Information

This collectible all occasion card is a high-quality color-accurate reproduction of the original oil painting. Each greeting card is professionally printed on 110-pound heavy stock, high quality, environmentally responsible paper.