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Grizzly and Salmon Greeting Card - "Fast Food"


This fine art wildlife greeting card features an Alaskan grizzly bear hunting Sockeye Salmon. Image by Jeanne Warren - National Award Winning Oregon wildlife artist.

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Made in Oregon

Fine Art Greeting Card Details

Front Side

Image Description

This fine art wildlife greeting card features a close up of a large grizzly, bear-ing down on two sockeye salmon. Splashes are thrown forward as the salmon bound from the river, just out of reach.

Back Side

Artists' Description

A comical title for this serious bear. Fish are fast and slipping through the water. The bear must be swift with his long claws to snag them!

Did you know?

The grizzly bear (ursus arctos) hunts sockeye salmon (oncorhynchus nerka) for the high fat content that will sustain them through the winter. These hungry hibernators can scarf down upwards of 50 kg (90 lbs) of food per day!


Blank Inside, so you can personalize to your heart's content!

What's Included

Includes greeting card and seal-able paper envelope.

Product Information

This collectible all occasion card is a high-quality color-accurate reproduction of the original oil painting. Each greeting card is professionally printed on 110-pound heavy stock, high quality, environmentally responsible paper.