Zebra Baby and Mother Greeting Card, Africa Zebra and Foal in Grasslands any occasion Card - "Zebras"


This fine art wildlife greeting card features a zebra foal and mother zebra nuzzled close on a hot African day in the grasslands. Image by Jeanne Warren - National Award winning Oregon wildlife artist.

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Fine Art Greeting Card Details

Front Side

Image Description

This fine art wildlife card features a mother zebra nuzzling and cuddling her baby. The baby zebra stares intently forward. The scene is brightly lit by the orange sun with a tree standing off behind into the distant grassland.

Back Side

Artists' Description

An affectionate snuggle between mother and foal in this loving moment.

Did you know?

Zebra foals can run with the herd within hours of birth. Foals also recognize their mothers by the pattern of their stripes, scent and call.


Blank Inside, so you can personalize to your hearts content!

What's Included

Includes greeting card and seal-able paper envelope .

Product Information

This collectible all occasion card is a high-quality color accurate reproduction of the original oil painting. Each greeting card is professionally printed on 110 pound heavy stock, high quality, environmentally responsible paper.