Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout Greeting Card, Trout and Crawdad any occasion Card - "River Run"


This fine art wildlife greeting card features a pair of Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout, gliding about pristine water as it bubbles and spills over rocks and wild grasses. Image by Jeanne Warren - National Award winning Oregon wildlife artist.

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Fine Art Greeting Card Details

Front Side

Image Description

This fine art wildlife card features two Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout pictured in the middle of a beautiful rushing stream. They search the cove of rocks for a place to spawn and start the cycle of life once again. Big boulders covered in moss rest within the stream and waving river grasses on either side.

Back Side

Artists' Description

These avid swimmers, search the coves of this bubbling creek for a place of rebirth. I spotted these trout as I waded around in a tributary and watched multitudes of crawdads scurrying in and out of the stream.

Did you know?

Aside from eating small fish, cutthroat also feed on crawdads.


Blank Inside, so you can personalize to your hearts content!

What's Included

Includes greeting card and seal-able paper envelope .

Product Information

This collectible all occasion card is a high-quality color accurate reproduction of the original oil painting. Each greeting card is professionally printed on 110 pound heavy stock, high quality, environmentally responsible paper.