From Paint to Print: How Your Fine Art is Made

“There’s a majesty in Nature that ought be painted on the walls of every home.” This quote reveals, in part, the relentless passion which drives Jeanne Warren to capture this beauty on canvas.

Nature is a marvel of creation, a wellspring of life and beauty that flows into each one of her paintings. This wellspring fuels her. On and on she goes, from one hike to the next, searching out inspiration for her next piece to share with the world. During each hike Jeanne captures her own reference photography, and literal elements, such as seashells, branches layered in moss, and other props.

Next she selects a piece of masonite or canvas medium on which to begin her creation. Sketching, outlining, and mixing of oil based paints, layer by layer Jeanne Warren transfers a vision to a visible masterpiece.

After countless hours of brushing (often using dozens of brushes), and fine attention to detail, the final piece is ready. Ready to share with you!

High resolution scans or photographs are taken of the original oil painting. Afterwards, Professional Color Grading is done digitally by computer. Finally, these color graded images are sent to a Professional Printer for Hard Proofing on the final artist grade print medium (canvas, and other materials).

By the magic and alchemy of commercial printing equipment, final prints are made, and ready for collection and enjoyment!

Print Quality

Each of our prints is made using a professional high resolution digital printing process. This process could be Giclee, Lithographic, or other technique, depending on the final product. Target mediums for prints include artist grade canvas, archival quality acid-free paper, and even metal!

Each final print, under the right conditions, can last upwards of 100 to 200 years without significant color degradation.

Greeting Cards

Our Greeting Cards are produced using the same high quality process as our prints. These are printed on a heavier stock paper that provides a sturdier, substantial feel appropriate for cards.

What are Limited Edition Prints?

Unlike Open Edition prints, Limited Edition prints may not be reproduced endlessly. For example, a Limited Edition print may be restricted to 500 copies, and no more, not ever.

Limited Editions, as a result, more Unique, Collectible, and Appreciable in value year over year, while still providing the opportunity to own artwork at a fraction of the original price!