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with Wildlife Art

The idea for Photismos was born in 2018 when founder, Jeanne Warren, was observing the exhaustive demands of a hyper-digital world and pondering how this void could be filled with Art and Nature.

“Nature is life and I want to express this feeling through my work.”

Reminded of why she paints, Jeanne resolved to let nothing stop her until every home on earth has savored the restorative power of art & nature!

Art with Meaning
By Artists with Feeling

Even more in this digital age, we believe Wildlife & Art have power to tell stories that bring warmth, awe, reflection, and harmony!

We only sell “Great” creations!
Our Artists obsess over every detail, laboring to unlock your own wild treasures and bring humorous, and refreshing tales into your space!

This tale doesn’t end here…

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Not just Art, a Purpose Driven Movement

What steps do you take if a tiger is running after you? … Big ones!

Our small family team is taking big steps to recharge your nature batteries! Through social media, photography, product, and writing, we mean to take you from screen to green, meme to stream, smog to sea dog, and e-mail to ocean whale.

We know how crazy life can be, and just like you, we see the need for respite, simplicity, and a return to earthy origins. It’s war against the status-quo.

For Us, It’s People over Profits!

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute
You Believe in a Sustainable Future.
We do Too.

As a small family-owned business, there’s a lot to manage; Still, we’re making eco-friendly decisions a priority.
Will we make mistakes? Sure.
Is it worth the effort? Totally!

A few tricks in our barn:

  • Obsess over customer feedback
  • Give generously to Wildlife Conservation Efforts
  • Seek out Green materials & manufacturing for our products

We’ll get there!

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.”

~ Proverbs 25:2

About Jeanne Warren - Our Founding Star

“The simple ways in which my childhood walked; Those chiefly that first led me to the love Of rivers, woods, and fields. The passion yet Was in its birth, sustained as might befall By nourishment that came unsought.”

~ William Wordsworth

Jeanne Warren - Professional Oil Painter & Teacher

National Award Winning Wildlife Artist for over 40 years!

Jeanne Warren’s passion and devotion for wildlife art was birthed in childhood. As a little girl she grew up in the midst of the gorgeous Oregon coastal range, near the city of Newport. Countless hours were spent outside: watching the seasons come and go, tasting the salty air, and feeling the solace and exhilaration of the wind in her face on the back of a steady horse.

Jeanne’s parents nurtured her love of the outdoors and wildlife and her expression through art. She was inspired by her mother’s devotion to painting wildflowers in the field and beautiful trees. Gifted with treasured paint by number sets, Jeanne’s life long adventure began.

As a self-taught artist, she worked with these sets to develop techniques and knowledge that guides her steady hand today. Oils became her preferred medium, and the wildlife that she was surrounded with as a child, her chief subjects. Looking back, she says “wonderful things are taught to those living at the end of long dirt country roads.”

In order to give credit to her faith, Jeanne meticulously hides a cross in each of her paintings. It could be hiding anywhere: in the horizon, a tree, or the rocks of a mountain. The cross is her constant reminder of the source of her passion and the Creator behind each of every striking detail that she paints.

Jeanne’s career as a Fine Art Wildlife Artist has attracted recognition throughout the years: she placed third in 1993’s Washington State Wild Trout print/stamp contest; first in 1994’s Association of Northwest Steelheaders annual art print/stamp contest; fourth in 1994’s Oregon State Wild Troutprint/stamp contest; first in 1995’s Washington State Wild Trout print/stamp contest; one of the top ten in 1995’s Minnesota Deer Hunters Association print contest; won the people’s choice award in 1996 for the Canby Wine and Art Festival; in 1996 completed and donated two commemorative prints of Keiko/Free Willy for the Oregon Coast Aquarium; and some pieces have finished in the top 20 for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation contests.

Jeanne can still be found tromping through the woods, armed with her camera and an adventurous spirit, catching glimpses of wildlife wherever she goes. She has seen magnificent sights in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and Alaska: encounters with grizzly bears, the “golden eyes” of a cougar staring back at her on a trail, herds of elk, deer rushing through the woods, fishing battles with trout and salmon, and even the flitting of chickadees in the trees.

Jeanne uses personal experience, photographs, honed attention to detail, and her skill with a brush to inspire the world with her Wildlife Fine Art.